Digital cash may be harmful!

Cybercriminals are inventing new ways everyday to make internet-users buffoon. They are huge civilized cyber criminals to make virtual world’s landscape more vulnerable for common people. For deep understanding how they are making world more threat full especially for crypto currencies; it is recommended knowing that origins of crytocurrencies and the mechanism of crybercriminals.

Digital cash

You must aware about the incident that happened some years ago, there was a FBI lock malware that would restrict the users to use their computers and moreover, it would also do the false claim that you had visited someone’s website and have illegally downloaded the material without taking the owner’s permission. It was the most common scam which made millions around the world.

Silk Road comes on its way

There was one more trendy yet unidentified dark website called Silk Road came and started doing business with another efficient company named Bitcoin. Basically, Silk Road was entirely an encrypted dark undergrounded website for purchasing goods. One can imagine the anonymity of the website is whether it is a buyer and or a seller they both remain unidentified to each other.  It was continued until 2013 when the FBI detected its founder and seized the website.

  Does Bitcoin stay anonymous?

Not at all, Bitcoin keeps transparency of the users as all the transactions of Bitcoin are documented in a public ledger and can be analyzed by anyone. Every time while paying the ransom by victim; Bitcoin gives an address to the victim to send the payment on the same address as entire ins and outs of  the transaction are visible which further helps to determine the ransomware campaign.


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