Stay Alert! The Smart Wearable can risk your privacy

New gadgets always catch mind, especially when they easy to use. Such an invention is smart wearable that not only synchronizes with your mobile phones but also keeps the track of your health in particular.

security alert

A renowned IT security company, Webroot in its recent post shared that losing your health records can be equally dangerous as losing your credit card. Where smart wearables help you track down your heart rate, sugar level, calories burn and so, it, on the other hand, risk your security. With Webroot install, you can reduce the risk of compromising your personal information.

Why are smart watchers or wearable vulnerable?

If you are wondering how these watches or wearable can risk your security, then here is the answer. Although these technological boons are fixable, they made about 140 million users to compromise some of their account credentials. For it keeps the track of your current location, it can divulge some of the most intimate details – whether you are visiting a doctor or where you went for a date. Now, to keep your guards up, you must install Webroot as it detects and blocks suspicious intrusions.

 With its real-time GPS tracking system, the fitness tracker Strava disclosed about some concealed army based by heatmap tracking, the Pentagon began to restrict the use of wearables by military personnel due to the potential security threat.

Why you need to install Webroot?

Even though wearables are moderately confined to access the data wirelessly from a smartphone over a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, they do form an inherent point of connection. As the smartphone stores your media files, contact details, login accesses and much more, it becomes the center of focus for hackers who can find a way to breach-in often not the secured wearable device.

Therefore, to cut down such vulnerabilities, you must Install Webroot on your phone for protection.

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