Webroot comes out with horrifying reports in its recent threat analysis

Webroot , the cybersecurity company has revealed its Webroot Threat Report: Mid-Year Update. The report indicates that cybercrooks are shifting into the more tricky way and making more money following that Cryptojacking and cryptomining is uptrending. Therefore, it has become so important to deploy vigorous antivirus in order to protect your important data. You can also install Webroot antivirus to protect your significant data.


News at a glance:

  1. Cryptomining becomes more likeable threat than ransomware
    1. Malware, ransomware and cryptomining hold 52% of the threats in the first half of 2018
    2. According to the block chain specialist Alex de Vries, cryptojacking will be consuming around 3% of world’s electricity by 2020
  1. Cryptojacking is on the top
    1. Cryptojacking malicious browser script hijacking of the victim’s in order to steal cryptocurrency is responsible of 35% of threats
  1. Windows 10 demand increases
    1. Businesses and consumers 40% and 75% respectively have shifted to Windows 10. As Windows 10 is more trustable & secure therefore consumers and business have shifted in no time
  1. Unsecured RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is the most easy target to exploit for ransomware
    1. Cybercriminals are finding easy to attack and exploit unsecured (Remote Desktop Protocol) connections
  1. Dropbox becomes primary target and dethrones Google for phishing attackers
    1. High rise in phishing attack by 60% from January to June 2018
    2. Dropbox becomes the most favourite company for phishing attackers and sidelining the Google in the first 6 months of 2018
  1. Value of security awareness training has a leap
    1. With having a large number of data compromise in 2018, complete training program has become the most vital components for business and employees
    2. It has been proven by research that complete training program on security has reduced risk

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