How does Webroot VPN Service work?

Webroot offers the computer users highly advanced security solutions to protect the computer systems and the internet network from spyware, Ransomware, and other harmful online threats. And what it asks to do is just install Webroot by following standard guidelines. It also provides a specialized security solution named Webroot WiFi Security that renders high-level protection across different devices such as Windows, Mac, Google Android, and iOS.

Webroot VPN

As the name suggests, the prime function of Webroot WiFi Security is to protect the internet network, which is the main medium for hackers to enter a device. With the help of its dedicated security feature named Webroot VPN, this security software keeps the viruses away from the devices.

Webroot VPN comes to the rescue in situations where you access public networks such as at airports, hotels or restaurants. It works by making a private network which keeps the entire information available on the device safe and secure. Moreover, it also ensures safe web browsing and secure data transfers. Here is how it works:

  1. After Webroot install of this particular product finishes, VPN automatically finds out and then connects to the best server available from the list of available networks. It also detects which server is secured.
  2. Once you enable “automatically activate” option Webroot VPN sends an immediate alert whenever the user connects to an unsecured network.
  3. A specialized feature named Kill Switch automatically blocks the entire Internet traffic unless you keep Webroot WiFi Security enabled.
  4. Downloaded and installed via, Webroot WiFi Security makes the most of BrightCloud Threat Intelligence technique to stop the users from landing upon suspicious and infected pages. For this, it has a virus definition database that keeps on updating automatically from the update center. By doing this, it completely reduces the possibility of data loss or data theft by the cybercrooks.

For more information on Webroot VPN and how you can get the most out of it, connect to a support technician by calling Webroot customer service number.

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