www.webroot.com/safe - Used on a global level, Webroot security delivers a flexible range of attributes along with a user-friendly interface. The software helps to protect your data against cybercrime, viruses, peripheral or external devices. Moreover, you also get the freedom to create a backup, in case of a loss. On the other hand, you can also stop files/ folders from synchronizing.

To get high-end security features, you need to install the software on your computer as well as on your Smartphone. If you are looking for manual process of installing it on your computer, go through the process below.

How do you download and install Webroot safe on your computer?

  1. Open a web browser and search for the official web page of Webroot safe antivirus or for easy download, click webroot.com/safe
  2. The link will lead to an automated download of the software on your computer, whereas, visiting the main Webroot website will require you to login
    • Create an account if you are not an existing user and go to your profile
    • Purchase a product that you want to have (check full services offered by the software)
    • You will get a unique Webroot keycode on your registered email address and then click install the software
  3. Once the software is downloaded on your computer, open the file to run Webroot setup to continue with the installation process
  4. Follow the prompts and enter the product key you received in the mail or redeem it from the retail card you purchased
    • Wait until the process is undergoing and make sure you do not suspend the process or shut down the computer

The software in now installed completely. Launch the software on the screen and check if the subscription is active or not. If you are using Webroot free trial version, you may not need to activate it until the validity expires. Else, click on the activate button and you will be connected to the internet. To continue with the activation steps as mentioned below.

How do you activate Webroot.com/safe?

  1. Launch the app on the screen and click on the activate button
  2. When you are connected to the web, enter the product key in the field
  3. Log in to your account if you have logged out

The software is now activated. Run a full PC scan to protect your device and data from and virus that may have entered in your system. However, there are chances that you end up facing errors and these are sometimes become hard to fix.

A list of Webroot safe errors:

  • Webroot error message- failed to find file
  • Installation error
  • The software is not compatible
  • Webroot key code fail
  • Webroot authentication failure
  • Unlicensed product
  • Expired subscription
  • Renewed the subscription but not working

If you stuck up with any of the error or any other error, it is recommended to connect with the official support to get an assured fix. Also, make sure you keep the software activated and licensed in order to get error-free access.

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