A guide for extreme tech addicts to ensure cybersecurity

Technology has paved the way for a new breed of people similar to bookworms and these are known as tech-freaks. They make use of technology wherever they please. For tech-freaks, this place can be their favorite restaurant or their working space. But, one thing should be kept in mind that such persons are at higher cybersecurity risk than a traditional user.

In this era, one cannot think of anything that comes without the use of technology and it becomes necessary to be aware of risks that technology brings with it. It only takes a moment to compromise your entire data. Hence, looking out for probable risks will decrease the rate of cyber-crimes. Downloading antivirus programs offered by Webroot Geek Squad will help you detect and remove them.


What possible risks one should look out for?

Unprotected public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is no doubt one of the chief cybersecurity risks that a tech-freak could face. The biggest unresolved flaw in public Wi-Fi is that anyone using it is putting himself at risk. You can consider Wi-Fi connections provided by coffee shops, hotels, and airports as unsecured public Wi-Fi options. These connections pose higher risks of cyber-threat. Therefore, it becomes crucial to keep your web traffic hidden under the cover of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a cyber-security suite downloaded via webroot.com/safe. A VPN uses a strong encryption protocol to avoid hackers from stealing our crucial information. It will keep your data such as account passwords, banking details, and personal messages encrypted from prying eyes.

Physical device theft

This risk can prove to be a real threat to tech-freaks, but this can be prevented too. The primary thing a person should do is never leave his or her device unattended even at his own house. Taking a few defensive steps can save tech-freaks from major headaches in case their device is stolen.

  • One should keep the device tracker enabled on all of his devices.
  • Lock your device with a lock screen password/PIN, or a biometric ID such as fingerprint or facial recognition.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication on your sensitive accounts to reduce the risk of the data breach.
  • In case your device is lost, wipe it remotely to prevent further data loss.
  • You can also recover lost files using a data backup solution.

Lower the intensity of the risk

The following practices could help in minimizing the risk experienced by a technology freak.

  • Do not forget to disable your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection after you have used it.
  • Be alert of your surrounding activities.
  • Be prepared for fighting against cyber threats by the use of a VPN.
To conclude-

As the remote-work landscape is increasing day by day, it becomes more vital than ever to take cybersecurity measures seriously. By doing this, you can ensure the privacy of your loved ones as well as yourself. You can also opt for products offered by Webroot Geek Squad to lessen the severity of cyber-crimes.

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