Webroot Login- a complete tutorial for beginners

On Webroot, it is easy to access your account on the go with a quick and easy-to-use login platform. So, if you were recently wondering how to create a Webroot account and log in to it, then you have landed at the right place.

Webroot Login

In this quick tutorial, we shall learn about creating a Webroot account, do Webroot Login, and some common Webroot login issues faced by the users. Apart from this, we will try to shed some light on other important aspects related to Webroot.

Once you could successfully login, Webroot download becomes easier for you.

How can you sign up at Webroot?

To access the Webroot login account, you first need to create an account on its login portal. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. From a preferred web browser, go to the login portal of Webroot.
  2. Here, click on the ‘Create Account’ option.
  3. Now, to register, you need to provide some requested information.
  4. After entering the details in the given field, click on the ‘Register Now’ button.
  5. On the resulting page, navigate to its bottom.
  6. Then, select your region and then click ‘Register Now’ again.
  7. Further, you will receive a confirmation message on the provided email address.
  8. Select the link given in the email.
  9. Enter the security code.
  10. Select ‘Confirm Registration Now’ to finally create a Webroot login account.

My WebrootSecureAnywhere sign-in method

For Webroot Geeksquad install, one must sign in to his account. Here is how you can do this:

  1. From your browser, go to the login page of Webroot.
  2. Now, enter the email address with which you registered.
  3. Then, enter the specified password in the given field.
  4. In case you are unable to recall your password, click on the ‘Forgot Password? link’ and follow some prompts for account recovery.
  5. If you remember your password, click ‘Login’.
  6. Complete the captcha and select ‘Login’ once again.

Fix Webroot login issues

At times, Webroot might land you in login trouble. Worry not if you are also unable to access your Webroot login account. Here are some common login issues faced by the users

  • Unable to log in to Webroot.
  • Login password is being rejected.
  • You are being logged out automatically.
  • Webroot is asking for service renewal so that you can access your account.
  • You have forgotten your login password.

In a similar situation, you may either reset your password or try to get help from Webroot support.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I log into Webroot?

To log in to your Webroot account, go to https://identity.Webrootanywhere.com/v1/Account/login page. Here, you need to enter your email address in the first field and then enter the password in the next one. After that, click on the ‘Login’ button.

  1. Why does Webroot not let me sign in?

Webroot may not let you sign in and keep telling that your account is not verified. Well, this happens if you have recently changed your password or you have not completed the account verification process. Else, it might have recorded a suspicious activity on your account. Hence, you should reset your password immediately.

  1. Why does Webroot keep logging me out?

Webroot will keep logging you out if you are entering the wrong or old login details or there could be an internal problem with the server. In case you are still unable to login, you may open a support ticket and get help from the experts.

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