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Today we are here to compare two well-known antivirus manufacturing brands based on different points. The two antivirus solutions about which we are going to discuss are Webroot vs Kaspersky, as you can guess by the title itself. So, let’s jump right into knowing about these antivirus solutions.

Webroot vs Kaspersky


Webroot: it uses a completely different method to safeguard our devices from virus attacks which is unlike other antivirus brands available in the market. There is a cloud-based detection feature and it undergoes a deeper scanning of your device so as the impact of threats is reduced. The installation process is also quite simple and can be easily done by visiting webroot.com/safe. You also get mobile support for both Android as well as iOS devices.

Kaspersky: on the other hand, you can consider it as basic antivirus protection with no additional features to safeguard your cloud storage. This is a good antivirus for those who are just looking for some basic and simple protection. However, if you want an advanced security suite, this shall not be your choice. However, there are some other interesting features in it as well. It works well on the latest threats and provides anti-cryptomining protection.


Webroot: while taking Webroot into consideration, we can say that there are some good deals for using this antivirus. The product is available in five different subscriptions which come under the brand of ‘SecureAnywhere’. You can get it for $4.17, $5.00, and $6.67 for a month. And those who buy the subscription of one year can get an additional $10 discount as a new customer.

Kaspersky: unlike the five plans of Webroot, Kaspersky is available in three different plans. The plans are available for the price of $5.00, $6.67, and $8.33 which is a monthly plan. Also, if you are a new customer, you can avail of a discount of up to 60%.


Webroot: the antivirus is comparatively easy-to-use, install, and set up and offers good speed for all of them. The installation file is also very tiny i.e. of 5MB. The installation only takes a couple of minutes to complete which is comparatively faster. The user-interface is also very simple and easy-to-use and works well for a beginner.

Kaspersky: it is not as easy to install Kaspersky as Webroot. The additional files also get installed as soon as the installation begins. Also, you need to undergo some more steps after the completion of installation. Other than this, you can also customize the features and protection settings from the ‘Settings’ section.


Webroot: the protection approach used by Webroot is however not liked by many in this faster-growing world. It tests the detected malware in the ‘Sandbox’ mode. The AV-Test lab also gave it a low score for its poor protection. However, some consider the sandbox protection approach as a better one as compared to others.

Kaspersky: this protection has been put to test by three security labs. Protection scores were also high and give a good result when you use it. It is good protection that provides all-round safety to your device.

Rounding up-

Last but not the least, speaking about the Support that both these antivirus brands provide, we can say that Webroot provides several methods for enjoying customer support. On the other hand, the support provided by Kaspersky is also good. You may not find live support but it offers social media support to its users.

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